3 From JMTC @ APAP 2023 by Suzanne Bachner & Bob Brader

3 From JMTC @ APAP 2022 by Suzanne Bachner & Bob Brader

3 From JMTC @ APAP 2021 by Suzanne Bachner & Bob Brader

3 From JMTC @ APAP 2020 by Suzanne Bachner & Bob Brader

3 From JMTC @ APAP 2019 by Suzanne Bachner & Bob Brader

3 From JMTC @ APAP 2018 by Suzanne Bachner & Bob Brader

Plays with Benefits by Suzanne Bachner & Bob Brader



Totally True Things Solo Show Series with Lifestage, Inc. in Port Jefferson, NY



Shows developed and produced in NYC and toured throughout the U.S. and Canada:

Spitting In The Face Of The Devil* by Bob Brader

The Good Adoptee* by Suzanne Bachner

Smoker* by Bob Brader

Circle (2-Actor)* by Suzanne Bachner

Preparation Hex* by Bob Brader

BITE* by Suzanne Bachner



We Call Her Benny* by Suzanne Bachner

BITE Benny-fit by Suzanne Bachner

Diving Kitty by Suzanne Bachner (Samuel French Festival)

Sex Ed (Revival) by Suzanne Bachner

The RAW Show (various artists) hosted by Bob Brader & Judy Krause

Authentic Writing Collaborations (various artists) curated & hosted by Fred Poole & Marta Szabo



Same Train* by Levy Lee Simon

    music and lyrics by Mark Bruckner

Alice Through the Looking Glass (Benefit) by Suzanne Bachner

The Collard Green: Contributions by Cornbread Divas

  originally conceptualized by Ernie McClintock

  adapted by Indira Etwaroo, PhD.

Flirting with Reality* conceived by Felicia Scarangello

   written by Suzanne Bachner

Run to the Roar: A Night of Sonia Sanchez

    Sister Son/ji by Sonia Sanchez

     Does Your House Have Lions? by Sonia Sanchez



Circle by Suzanne Bachner

  5-Month Off Broadway Run & 20th Century Fox LA performances

Downtown Theatre Lives

Currency* (Benefit) by Suzanne Bachner



Icons & Outcasts (Amazon Version) by Suzanne Bachner

Jennifer Monroe (short film) by Suzanne Bachner and Liz Sullivan

Circle* by Suzanne Bachner

Sex Ed* by Suzanne Bachner

Downtown Theatre Lives

Standard Deviations** (lab) by Delacey Skinner



Twin Studies* by Suzanne Bachner and Liz Sullivan

Temptation* by Suzanne Bachner adapted by Bachner & Trish Minksoff

Icons Y2K* by Suzanne Bachner



Alice Through the Looking Glass* by Suzanne Bachner

On the Verge (or the Geography of Yearning) by Eric Overmyer

SONG NIGHT hosted & curated by Jules Cohen

Patient 23* by Peter B. Sonenstein

Women’s Theater Collective: ten 10-minute plays*

Icons & Outcasts* by Suzanne Bachner

For Season Ticket Holders Only by Peter B. Sonenstein

Don’t Let Destiny Push You Around by Suzanne Bachner

When I Was a Girl, I Used to Scream and Shout** by Sharman Macdonald



Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Dead by Tom Stoppard

Faith Healer by Brian Friel

Can’t Cut My Head Off* by Bruce Katlin

Don’t Let Destiny Push You Around by Suzanne Bachner

SONG NIGHT hosted & curated by Jules Cohen

Othello by William Shakespeare


     The Doll* by Trish Minskoff

     Seduction by Joe Borini

     Birthday by Suzanne Bachner


     They Eat Their Young by Liz Bartucci

     Jump Start by Suzanne Bachner

     Danny Boy* by Bob Bachner



Come Along for the Ride* by Suzanne Bachner

Alexandra Triptych (lab) by Suzanne Bachner

The Madison Writers Group & Guests (various artists)

Don’t Let Destiny Push You Around* by Suzanne Bachner

Motion Sickness* by Sloane Bosniak



Screwdrivers & Sunday Brunch* by Suzanne Bachner

FACES: State of Emergency created by Susan Montez, CSW

Jump Start* by Suzanne Bachner

Whatever the Matter May Be* by Misi Lopez Lecube



All For Love

   Letter Play by Frank Pugliese

   Good as New by Peter Hedges

   The Heartsick Pioneer by Kenneth Lonergan

   Tea-Time at the Inner Child Café by Bill McMahone

Nobody's Home by David Deblinger

Rat in the Skull (Encore) by Ron Hutchinson



Rat in the Skull by Ron Hutchinson

Crystal Clear by Phil Young


*World Premiere

**New York Premiere




The Women’s Theatre Collective

The WTC was a kick-ass group of theatre artists, all women, who gathered to network, experiment, create new work and new collaborative relationships which culminated in performance of 10 10-minute plays, although the relationships created went well beyond those performances.


Downtown Theater Lives!

DTL was a collective of actors, writers, directors, producers and designers created post 9/11 by the John Montgomery Theatre Company and IntraCommunities with the support of The Actors Institute, Spotlight On and Horse Trade. This group was established to develop new work, to create collaborative relationships and to raise funds for Downtown Lives. Hosted by the one and only Felicia Scarangello, all proceeds went to benefit, a community resource website for downtown residents created by ICI.


The Madison Writers Group & Guests

A popular literary series of fiction writers from the long-running Madison Writers Group and their guest writer|readers.



SONG NIGHT was a monthly event hosted & curated by Jules Cohen, co-hosted by JMTC and presented at our Chelsea white box theatre featuring brand new original songs written and performed by local singer, songwriters and musicians. It was a blast.


Authentic Writing Collaborations

Projects, performances and workshops created and produced in collaboration with Authentic Writing, Fred Poole, Founder and Co-Director & Marta Szabo, Co-Director, which included Authentic Writing for Actors, the Authentic Writing Stories Performance Series presented by Horst Trade Theater Group at the Red Room and the Kraine Theater, JMTC Theatre’s participation in the inaugural Woodstock Memoir Festival featuring the McCourt Brothers where Bob Brader’s ‘Spitting In The Face Of The Devil’ was the featured theatrical presentation and Suzanne Bachner was a panelist and finally, ‘The Authentic Writing Solo Show Workshop’ led by Suzanne Bachner MFA, Bob Brader and Fred Poole at the Omega Institute.

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