Raves for JMTC Theatre


"Ingenious...it is no accident that so many of the sharp jokes

come as complete surprises!”1

– The New York Times


"Brader is a brilliant storyteller!”2

– Donald’s Dish London


"Spitting In The Face Of The Devil is a truly AMAZING one-man show.

Bob Brader is the next Spalding Gray; I kid you not!”2

– Michelle Stevens, PhD, Author of Scared Selfless


"A story is rarely so personal and it has a very healthy amount of laugh-out-loud-humour!”3

– Sadie takes the Stage, London UK


"Superior writing…A spellbinding emotional detective story about an NYC woman searching for her birth parents!”3

– Darryl Reilly, Theater Scene


Critics’ Choice

"Smoker is Smooth and Satisfying!”4

– All About Solo


"Brava to Suzanne Bachner and The Good Adoptee. Incredible Writing and performance!

A powerful show that the entire world needs to see!”3

– Suz Bednarz, writingmywrongs.com


"Smoker is Addictive Theatre: It's 80 minutes of storytelling that feels like 30, a feat very few actors have the talent to pull off...Smoker is compelling theatre, fueled by Brader’s masterful storytelling and acting talent, a show that must not be missed!”4

– London Free Press


"Suzanne Bachner's CIRCLE, is the finest adaptation of the Schnitzler classic, LA RONDE, since the Max Ophüls masterpiece film!”1

– Legendary Filmmaker Radley Metzger


"A brilliant one man show...Bob Brader is one of the bravest men in show business!”2

– Jeff Goodman, "Two On The Aisle", Time Warner Cable


"The Good Adoptee is everything you want a solo show to be: well-crafted, lovingly performed and thoroughly entertaining. It's a story that's touching, maddening, funny, poignant, poetic and deeply personal.”3

– Leslie Dileo, Hi! Drama


"Bob Brader is a dynamic storyteller with a wonderful, strong voice and a talent for creating characters...We’re hooked!”4

– Winnipeg Free Press


"Suzanne Bachner’s impressive Circle puts on display a writer with such a winning combination of humor and empathy…elegantly written and moving...Bachner hits her social targets with repeated accuracy.”1



"A must see performance that will make you laugh, cry and just feel good!”2

– London Free Press


"Yow! The Good Adoptee is utterly true, funny, sharp, smart, fearless, sad and crazy funny at the same time. The script is powerful and Ms. Bridgforth gives a helluva performance.”3

– Lorraine Dusky, Acclaimed Author, First Mother Forum


"A Seemingly Personal Story with Universal Resonance: Brader’s signature mix of humor, autobiography and his fantastic gift for storytelling sets the bar high!”4

– The London Yodeler


"One of the Biggest Hits in Indie Theater History!”1

– Martin Denton, NYTheater Now


"It knocked me right out of my seat. Absolutely enthralling. The show is a triumph. And I never say shit like that.”2

– Jason Schreurs, Culture Vulture Victoria


"The script is tight and packed with emotion, the performance is brilliant and spot on. Perfection!”3

– Betsie Norris, Executive Director, Adoption Network Cleveland


"A masterful childhood memoir that can take a hairpin turn from joyful to chilling without missing a beat!”2

– Stephen Cooke, The Chronicle-Herald, Halifax, Nova Scotia


"Deft, Economical, Theatrical Storytelling...Bachner's writing is witty, knowing, compassionate.”1

– New York Post


"In Brader's talented, sensitive, caring hands Spitting In The Face Of The Devil is as compelling and engrossing as it is devastating and unforgettable....genius…I cannot recommend this show too highly.”2

– Louis Hobson, The Calgary Sun


"Sexy yet disturbing...a steamy and thought-provoking play!”1

– Edmonton Sun


"Smoker combines Brader’s lived experiences with brilliant use of narrative structure and acting that pulls the audience into moments of raw reality to powerful effect!”4

– Jude Treder-Wolff, Medium


"Without a doubt, Suzanne Bachner is the outstanding playwright of the moment; she is possibly the most commercially promising as well.”1

– Off Off Broadway Review


"Brader's high energy performance and gripping story will wow you. A Tour de Force performance. SEE IT!”2

– Jessica Goldman, APPLAUSE! METER, Calgary


"Off Off Broadway at its best!”5

– Time Out New York



1. Circle     2. Spitting In The Face Of The Devil     3. The Good Adoptee     4. Smoker    5. JMTC Theatre


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