JMTC Theatre offers a variety of theater and writing Workshops as well as Directing, Dramaturgical, Developmental and Coaching Services led by Suzanne Bachner & Bob Brader.


Work with Suzanne & Bob One-on-One or Two-on-One

We offer help and guidance with any stage of development of your solo show or multiple actor play — from blank page to full production on stage.




Dramaturgy | Development


Coaching | Getting Unstuck


Production & Touring Consulting


Group Workshops

All of our workshops can be offered in various formats including 90-minute, 3 hour, 2-3 day weekend intensive and 5 day immersion. We can also scale these workshops to different age groups. Our workshops are designed for a group with a range of different experience; no previous acting or writing experience is required, just a willingness to jump in.


Tell Your True Story: a Theater and Writing Workshop

Everyone has a story to tell. We want to help make that possible with this dynamic, hands-on, interactive workshop that facilitates the exploration and artistic expression of your experience through theater and writing. The workshop is designed as a shared, connected group experience, balanced with an opportunity to turn inward and creatively express and share true stories. We practice the lost art of listening – both to the self and to others.


The Character Workshop: a Creative Theater Workshop

In this ensemble-based workshop, participants will explore the creation of character through multiple ways of approaching it, without text. In this fun and challenging process, we will use personal experience, observation, voice, movement, internal and external focus, and interaction to create various original characters. The workshop culminates in a fully improvised play where each participant plays an alpha and beta character that they have created during the course of the workshop.


The Solo Show Workshop: a Theater and Writing Workshop

Write and develop your own unique solo show, true or imagined. Participants will work together in a theatrical ensemble as we explore individual stories and engage in a rigorous creating and writing process. We then take pieces of the writing generated in the workshop and get them up on their feet through a supportive rehearsal process. During the course of the workshop, participants create new material for their shows, are directed on their feet with the material and have the opportunity to hone a small segment of their solo work for performance. The workshop culminates in a presentation of all the solo writer | performers' pieces in front of an invited audience.


Fees are available upon request. Contact us here.


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Suzanne Bachner received her MFA from the Actors Studio Drama School at the New School University as part of the first graduating class and a BA in Creative Writing from Oberlin College. She studied with Romulus Linney and Adrienne Kennedy. She was the Resident Playwright of The Actors Institute’s Two Year Acting Program for seven years where she taught and created original showcase productions for each graduation class. Suzanne is the director | developer | dramaturg of many solo shows including Bob Brader’s internationally acclaimed award winning solo shows, Gloria Rosen’s award-winning Listen…Can You Hear Me Now?, Sarah Elizabeth Greer’s Bio-Hazard: A Relative Comedy (United Solo Europe 2016), Canadian Burlesque star Rosie Bitts’ Stories of Love and Passion (US and Canadian tour) and her own play, The Good Adoptee (Best Autobiographical Script and Best Actress, United Solo: extensive and ongoing U.S. tour). She is a member of the United Solo Academy and the Dramatists Guild.


Bob Brader trained with the Stella Adler Conservatory at the Tisch School of the Arts. He is member of SAG-AFTRA, the United Solo Academy and the Dramatists Guild. He is the multi-award-winning writer & performer of Spitting In The Face Of The Devil, Preparation Hex and Smoker which have toured throughout the U.S. and Canada to great critical acclaim. Bob has worked with storytellers/writer/performers one-on-one developing their solo shows and is the dramaturg for Suzanne Bachner’s The Good Adoptee. Bob’s story on the RISK! Podcast was called by RISK! creator and host Kevin Allison: "An absolute stunner. Bob Brader's story ‘Spitting in the Face Of The Devil’ is one of our best episodes ever.”


Together, Suzanne and Bob have led workshops at the OMEGA Institute and AFFCNY and dynamic interactive talk backs following their solo show Off Broadway and all across the country.




" is no accident that so many of the sharp jokes come as complete surprises!”

– The New York Times (Suzanne Bachner’s CIRCLE)


"Spitting In The Face Of The Devil is a truly AMAZING one-man show.

Bob Brader is the next Spalding Gray; I kid you not!”

– Michelle Stevens, PhD, Author of Scared Selfless


"Brader is a brilliant storyteller!”

– Donald’s Dish London


"Suzanne Bachner's CIRCLE, is the finest adaptation of the Schnitzler classic, LA RONDE, since the Max Ophüls masterpiece film!”

– Legendary Filmmaker Radley Metzger


"A brilliant one man show...Bob Brader is one of the bravest men in show business!”2

– Jeff Goodman, "Two On The Aisle", Time Warner Cable


Critics’ Choice

"Smoker is Smooth and Satisfying!”

– All About Solo


"The direction is crispt and clean…the writing is deft and fearless…the future of theatre!”

– Broadway World (Suzanne Bachner’s We Call Her Benny)


"Smoker is Addictive Theatre: It's 85 minutes of storytelling that feels like 30, a feat very few actors have the talent to pull off...Smoker is compelling theatre, fueled by Brader’s masterful storytelling and acting talent, a show that must not be missed!”

– London Free Press


"The Good Adoptee is everything you want a solo show to be: well-crafted, lovingly performed and thoroughly entertaining!”

– Leslie Dileo, Hi! Drama






"I've seen a lot of solo shows and this one stands out from the pack. Whether you're a smoker or not, Smoker brilliantly written and performed by Bob Brader and directed by Suzanne Bachner will move you as a human being and inspire you as a solo performer. It is the perfect storm of excellent writing, incredible storytelling, magnificent acting and impressive and deft direction. Don't miss it!”

– Robin Gelfenbien - Storyteller, Speaker and Co-Founder of The Story Whisperers


"Smoker is one of the best plays I have ever seen. A scorching memoir on stage, it is riveting and entertaining from start to finish. Best of all, it's written and performed by Bob Brader, one of the most dynamic, engaging actors out there.”

– Marta Szabo, Co-Director & Facilitator, Authentic Writing Workshops


"Recently, I had the surprising and delightful experience of being directed by Suzanne Bachner not once, but twice. Surprising because, in a long career on the stage, it is clear to me that being a good director is a singular and rare gift. Delightful, because Suzanne has that gift. She is warm and personable and a consummate professional. Her notes were clear, character-driven and wise - and this is over ZOOM, by the way! Her investment in both the writer’s intent with the script and the actor’s journey to bring that script to life was sincere and creative while also managing the nuts and bolts of directing with grace and aplomb. It was a wonderful experience and I hope to work again with Suzanne - an absolute gem.”

– lisa Stathoplos, Actor and Author, Make-Me and the forthcoming Chimera


"Actor, writer and storyteller Bob Brader applies the creative alchemy of artistic storytelling with demonstrated impact on audiences. Smoker pivots with remarkable agility from the comedic to the tragic in his compelling, truthful portrayal of 24 characters…Smoker combines Brader’s lived experiences with brilliant use of narrative structure and acting that pulls the audience into moments of raw reality to powerful effect!”

– Jude Treder-Wolff, LCSW, CGP, MT; Producer/Host, Lifestage, Inc


"It's such a pleasure to meet and chat with you. You're the most positive Thespians we've met so far!”

– Alex Borovenskiy, Artistic Director, ProEnglish Theatre, Ukraine


"As far as unsung heroines go, oftentimes, directors are at the top of the theatrical list. Having now been in the audience of numerous Some1Speaking performances including that of Yvonne’s kick-butt monologue last night I can only imagine Suzanne Bachner must possess that oft heard of, rarely found, truth-seeking listening ear. Thank you for the unseen and fully realized direction.”

– Adrien Royce, Playwright-Librettist


"Working with Suzanne is like having your best and most supportive friend at your side while being simultaneously held to the highest standards of professional playwriting. How rare it is to find someone who is brilliantly perceptive and laser-focused on your work, but also instills in you a level of confidence that feels genuine and earned. Instinctively I knew I wanted Suzanne to be the dramaturg for my new play, Betwixt & Between. Suzanne immediately understood the story, its themes, and its characters, and she reflected those back to me in the most insightful ways. Over the course of just a few sessions, Suzanne asked beautiful questions  – the kind that opens up all kinds of opportunities – but also gave me concrete feedback and advice when asked for. And yes, she'll push you when it's necessary. Especially to keep you accountable for specific goals or deadlines you've set yourself! In simple terms, Suzanne is the true epitome of someone who listens with the intent to understand, not to reply. One of the many qualities that make her exceptional as both a dramaturg and a human being. I am incredibly proud of my play and was very happy to send it out into the world, ready for its first production. I am now working on my next play and cannot wait to resume work with Suzanne.”

– Maggie Gallant, Playwright & Performer


"Highly recommended! First 20 minute version of my show produced in 2007...expanded versions in various Festivals until 2013 NY Int'l Fringe Festival...always felt something was missing...questions not answered...until meeting Suzanne Bachner in 2014 and somehow knew this was the Director the show needed. Didn't realize I was getting an amazing dramaturge as well...don't think I even knew what the word meant! From the moment Suzanne mentioned one point in the show that needed explanation I knew the show was in the right place and in very good and safe hands. It was rewritten—all by me as the dramaturge does NOT write the show—only suggests and guides. And then it was directed by Suzanne and presented at United Solo in 2016 as a 70 minute piece where it won Best Autobiographical Play, was given a grant by Bethany Arts to turn into a book, and most recently invited to do a TEDx from the show material. All this to say: You and your show could not be in better or more capable hands. Insightful, inspired and inspiring and above all respectful of the work and the writer. Good luck!”

– Gloria Rosen, Award-Winning Performer/Playwright, Listen…Can You Hear Me Now?


Schedule a one-time complimentary 15-minute consultation with us!

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